As children we eagerly awaited Christmas morning, so we could tear our presents open and see the marvelous gifts that had been hidden under the tree.

As adults, do we still eagerly await our chance to open gifts?  Do we get excited to see what God has in store for us?  God is THE BEST GIFT GIVER of all he doesn’t need to wait until Christmas to bestow gifts to your soul.  He does it daily. Sometimes these gifts come wrapped in packages that we might not want to open.  Other times, we become like children at Christmas time unable to wait any longer until we can open those most wanted gifts.

Our Creating a Great Day team came together and created a special gift for you.  It’s a gift that we pray will open your hearts to the many wonderful gifts God may have in store for you or has already blessed you with.  It’s not an exhaustive list, but a wonderful way to dig into God’s Word for 5 minutes a day and refresh your mind, spirit, and soul to what the day holds.

Every day is a gift filled with amazing possibilities to grow and glorify God!  Our prayer is that you will not miss the gifts that aren’t neatly wrapped and placed under the tree but instead will openly welcome whatever gifts God is bringing your way this year.

So…we are gifting you a special 5 minute devotional Ebook that will help you focus on God’s great gifts!

In the “Gifts from God: A 5 minute devo book”, you will be encouraged with:

  • a verse
  • a short devo thought around the verse
  • a prayer
  • a place to journal your thoughts and prayers
  • a space for Bible Journaling and
  • Bible verse memory cards

Check out the devos contained within the FREE Ebook:

  • The Gift of Ambassadorship by April Everhart
  • The Gift of Being Chosen by Kristin Jesch
  • The Gift of Immanuel by Kristi Finefrock
  • The Gift of Music by Toni Dennis
  • The Gift of Newness by Melissa Williams
  • The Gift of Refuge by Kristin Jesch
  • The Gift of Self-Confidence by Laura Peoples
  • The Gift of Trials by Kristi Finefrock
  • The Gift of Waiting by Kristi Finefrock
  • The Gift of Weakness by Melissa Williams

This is a great devotional to use now so you can keep unwrapping awesome gifts even after Christmas Day is over


use it to kick off your New Year!


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  • Heather Hart

    Sounds like a great devotional. Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrea

    I just signed up for the updates – and looking forward to being blessed by the EBook!

  • Terri

    so many awesome downloads. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Carmen N Mobberly

    What a wonderful resource for spending just a few minutes with God so we can feed our souls!

  • Alex

    I signed up! Looking forward to reading these. I love the perspective of calling these sometimes unwanted things “gifts.”

  • Grace

    One of my goals for 2017 is to spend more time in devotionals, this will come in handy!!

  • Kay

    How awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Amy Hagerup

    This devotional sounds to be spot on with so many great gifts inside. Thanks for that.

  • Marie

    Looks like a great devotional! thank you for offering it