All throughout my life I’ve struggled with self-confidence.  As a young girl I frequently felt out of place. As a teenager I was unsure of myself and my physical appearance, and as a college student I was apprehensive about fitting in.  Fast-forward to my adult life.  Since I’m married and have four beautiful children you’d think that my self-confidence would be firmly in place, wouldn’t you?  I have found, however, that this can be a stumbling block for me still.

Do you ever struggle with self-confidence?

I’m not referring to an uncomfortable moment here or there or even the familiar apprehension of dealing with a difficult situation.  No, I’m talking about the kind where you talk down to yourself, judge yourself by the world’s standards, and deny yourself peace and happiness because of your lack of self-confidence.  That’s where my soul has rested for so many years.  I allow myself to use the world’s standards as a foothold for my negative thoughts.  

Dear friends, it is time for us to stop these thoughts.  David uses the most beautiful words in Psalm 8:3-4 that are like a balm to my soul.


Prayer to Overcome Negative Self-Talk

It is here that our worth to our almighty Father is apparent.  Even as he formed the moon and the stars, he took great care to create each of us in his image.  Will you pray this prayer with me today? God created us in his likeness; we can reverse our self-doubt and bring about self-confidence through him.

Dear Father, we come to you today and humbly ask you to calm our spirits.  Lord, we ask that you guide our thoughts away from negative self-talk. Guide us into words of beauty that only you can give.  Father, we know that in our flesh we are flawed, but you have made us new again.  Help us recognize these harsh words we tell ourselves, and give us the words to replace them, words that build up instead of tearing down.  We praise you for your wisdom. We ask that you will continue your work in us as we seek our purpose in you.  It’s in your loving and gracious name, Amen.  


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