My children, mother, and I attended what we thought was a book sale.

A local organization opened up its book warehouse and invited the public to shop.  There was a catch though–all the books were free!

I had to double check to make sure I heard correctly. “Excuse me!  What did you say?” To my astonishment, he responded with, “Yes, they are free.  Please take as many as you want.”  This explains why I saw people hauling off cartloads of books when we entered.

Flashback to my Childhood

While looking through the children’s section, I came across a book from my childhood.  I remember having reading time every afternoon when I was in daycare.  The teacher always asked which books we wanted to read along with the ones she had already chosen.

One day there was a new teacher leading our reading time.  I raised my hand and told her I wanted to read The Stupids.  (Obviously, it’s not an intellectual book but more of slapstick kid humor.)

“Excuse me!  What did you say?”

Taken aback she said, “Excuse me!  What did you say?”

My four year old self replied, “The Stupids!  I want to read The Stupids.”

Instead of understanding that The Stupids was a book series, she thought I called her stupid. She immediately sent me to time out. That was the first time I’d ever been to time out and I was humiliated.  I remember trying to explain myself but she wouldn’t listen.


The Spiritual Take-Away

As followers of Christ, we often have both of these situations happen when we are sharing Christ’s amazing gift with others.

Some joyfully accept Christ’s free gift of salvation and fill up with all of Christ they can get.  While others completely misunderstand our intention and love for them and reject what we have to offer.

Our role as Christ’s followers is to continue to share. We should not feel humiliated when our words aren’t accepted.  The apostles rejoiced in being told not to talk about Jesus anymore, being beaten, and thrown into jail.

“The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.” 

Acts 5:41


Prayer over your Heart

Lord, we praise you for the amazing gift of redemption and forgiveness we have in Jesus Christ!  We thank you for your boldness in sending Jesus from heaven, knowing that he would be rejected by your own creation.  We pray that as we share this amazing gift with others you will give us the courage to do it boldly. Help us not be afraid of those who reject your gift.

Although it breaks our hearts when others choose to reject you, help us realize that our job is to simply share you with others no matter their reaction. We pray for hearts all around the world to be open to you.  We pray for those who despise you right now.  Show yourselves to them in a way that opens their eyes and hearts to you.  We pray that one day they will be our brothers and sisters in Christ and truly take hold of this marvelous gift of eternal life you have given us.

In the One who sacrificed himself to make this possible – Amen!

Who in your life right now can we pray to come to know Christ?

Send us an email or comment below and we will start praying for them.

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