Family Time Training: Teaching Children Delayed Gratification

Anticipating a Family Time Activity

This month I had the privilege of doing a lesson about delayed gratification from Family Time Training.  Can I just tell you how much my kids loved this little activity?  They were so excited that we were going to do something new and fun that we’ve never tried before.  When I mentioned the plan, they speculated what it might be.  As I filled our bucket with ice, water, and marbles, they threw out all sorts of crazy ideas. They marveled at how very cold the water was while I gathered my camera and bible.

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Princess Ballerina and Iron Man are feeling a little unsure about sticking a foot in this icy cold water.

Learning about Delayed Gratification

My kids took their best guesses on what they thought delayed gratification meant and then I read the definition from the lesson.  We discussed a few good examples that they would be able to relate to and then we read our verses from the bible.  I always enjoy reading from the bible with my children because Iron Man can read very well, however his comprehension of what he just read lines right up with his age and life experience.  Princess Ballerina still lives in la-la land a lot of the time so she’s kind of hit or miss on comprehension as well.  I find that it’s always beneficial to make sure they understand the meaning of the words they are reading and then wrap the whole concept up for them after we’ve read it through a couple of times.


Lessons for Adults and Kids Alike

This verse really blessed me when we read it.  If you want a conversation starter just read this verse with your kiddos and let the questions fly.  It was such a gentle reminder to me as I explained to my children that this world is not our home.  The world may be against us but we count ourselves as blessed!  After reading through Matthew 16:19-21 (another excellent opportunity to explore our worldly tendencies against our heavenly purpose) we got ourselves psyched up to get chilly!

My little Princess Ballerina struggled a bit with the discomfort of this activity.  She did get some marbles but not nearly as many as her brother.  That’s to be expected as she’s just 5!  Iron Man is 7 and really took this challenge seriously.  I guarantee you they won’t forget what delayed gratification is after this frigid lesson!

Are you looking for exciting faith training lessons for the whole family?  I encourage you to check out Family Time Training and all the awesome stuff on their website.  I hope it blesses your family as it has mine! 

Be sure to click on over to Family Time Training and check out the free activity for the month! Each month they offer a free, downloadable lesson, or you can browse the many options available for purchase. There are options for all different age levels!

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  • Mihaela Echols

    It’s cool that you are teaching your kids about it.

  • Tiffani

    This is really cool! I will have to check their site out.

  • Kay

    This looks neat! Patience is a great thing to learn about.

  • Sue

    Thank you for sharing your lesson. These topics are good to learn at home as I don’t think my son will learn it in the public school system!

    • Laura P

      It’s hard for our kids in our culture to learn this lesson!

  • Elizabeth Marshall

    Delayed gratification is something that is so lost on our current culture. I am so glad that you have provided this resource so that we can work at getting back to that foundation with our children. Thank you!

    • Laura P

      You are so welcome Elizabeth!! I hope your children enjoy it as much as mine did!

  • Amanda

    This looks like a great way to teach kids about delayed gratification!

  • Tami

    My family could benefit from this lesson. Even mommy could stand to participate.

    • Laura P

      I’m standing right there with you Tami! I know that I struggle with this in our world of instant gratification.

  • Pamela Kuhn

    This is an important truth to teach your children. I applaud you for having Family night.

    • Laura P

      Thank you! It’s easy for me to get lost in the surplus of information available on what to teach our children! I was so happy to have a lesson laid out for me in an easy to follow way. The kids enjoyed it as well so I hope it sticks with them!

  • Tauna

    Such an important thing to teach kids! I know some adults who could use the lesson too. 🙂

    • Laura P

      Sometimes I need this lesson 😉 Thanks for dropping by!