Dear God, Are You Sure You Know What You’re Doing?

Dear God,

Lately I’ve been going through some challenges.  You know, growing older, raising children, constantly questioning my decisions, etc.  I understand that trials will be part of this life and that through those trials You teach us valuable lessons.  But sometimes I have small doubts about Your timing.  Sometimes, in my humble human brain I can’t piece together the exact reasoning You have about some of the things that happen in my life.

You’ve definitely proven to me over and over again that I am not in control of this life.  

I always thought that I would have a career that fulfilled me, and You brought me together with a man with very different ideas.  I always thought I’d stay home with my kids until they went to school and then I’d find a job.  Then You brought me into homeschooling.  I had decided that three children were plenty, and now You’ve gifted me a fourth.  It is quite obvious that You are in control.

As I’ve grown older and grown in the word, I’ve slowly but surely been able to release my grasp on control; not for Your good but for my own.  As I’ve let go, I’ve gained such a feeling of contentment.  As I’ve let go, I’ve gained a freedom that I’ve never known before.  As I’ve let go, I’ve made time for other things that actually are my responsibility.

However, Lord, You still find ways to remind me to trust You.  

You find ways to send me messages like, “Your day will go smoother if you’d start it with Me,” or “Take care of your children, your husband, AND yourself.”  The latter seems like a long hard road that we’re now traveling down.  Years of neglecting myself has finally caught up with me and I have been physically forced to slow down.

However, Your goodness and love never fails me.  

You placed people in my life to support me during this time:  friends to bring meals and clean my kitchen, grandparents to watch the kids, and an amazingly compassionate husband to understand.  And through the rest, You revealed to me just how much I’d been neglecting myself.

I can’t help but wonder though, if You’re really sure You know what You’re doing?

I mean, through the pain and discussion of back surgery You brought into my womb a beautiful new life.  How wonderful!  But why now?  Why, when I was on a dangerous medication?  Why, when my baby was just barely 10 months old?  Why, when our house is already nearly stretched to its limit?

Please don’t misunderstand.  

I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful blessing.  I’ve seen the pain of a barren womb and I thank You for this miracle inside of me.  But Lord, was this really the best time?  Proverbs 3:5-6 says:

Obviously, I haven’t given up as much control as I thought.  

If I had, I wouldn’t be questioning Your perfect timing.  I remember in those first days when I was in such pain that there was no sleep, no rest for my mind, body, or soul.  In those days I remember asking You fervently to reveal the lesson that You had for me in this trial.  As the pain lessened and I found my new normal, that plea slowly faded away.

I know that You aren’t done with me yet, and for that I’m grateful.

Perhaps You intend to teach me patience.  Perhaps it’s more about putting my faith in You and not in the hands of any surgeon.  Perhaps it’s about bringing glory to You in my time of weakness.  I have yet to discover Your perfect plan through all of this Lord, but I know that I can trust in You.  Through my struggles and my failures, You’ve always been by my side.  Please forgive me for questioning Your perfect plan and open my eyes to the many lessons I have yet to learn.  Thank you for Your goodness and Your love.

Your humbled doubter



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  • andi

    i think He always wants us to be trusting Him more – He says so in His Word 😀

    • Laura P.

      I totally agree Andi. We can be sure that there will always be challenges ahead to strengthen our trust in Him!

  • Jennifer DeFrates/Heaven Not Harvard

    While you’re doubting and wondering why another child, I’m struggling with only having one. She really wants a sister, but I just can’t see going through the adoption process again at my age. God completely blessed us with her, but I wonder why just one. Will she be lonely and miss having siblings when she gets older? But God has that under control. I can barely control her sometimes much less her future! I sure wish I could stop worrying and trying to control things. God’s answer for me has always been perfect and right on time.

    • Laura P

      Yes Jennifer! I think as mom’s we always try to control as much as we can and sometimes it’s hard to give up that control! I love these verses in Isaiah 55:8-11

      8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
      neither are your ways my ways,”
      declares the Lord.
      9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
      so are my ways higher than your ways
      and my thoughts than your thoughts.
      10 As the rain and the snow
      come down from heaven,
      and do not return to it
      without watering the earth
      and making it bud and flourish,
      so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
      11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
      It will not return to me empty,
      but will accomplish what I desire
      and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

      For me these verses feel like the Lord is giving me permission to let go of control. It’s fruitless anyway and will be so much better for us if we can realize that God is in control! That’s something I frequently struggle with for sure. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

  • Clare Speer

    Awww – I appreciate your candor and I have and still do feel like this always – it is SO SO HARD to put everything in God’s control! Great insight!

    • Laura P

      Thank you for the encouragement Clare. It’s always nice to meet others who struggle with turning over that control! It seems like some days and some situations are especially hard to let go of, but I always feel much better when I finally do!

  • Danielle

    Sometimes when God is silent, it’s hard to rely and trust in those hundreds of promises He gives in the Bible! This shouldn’t be, but we are flawed people. I’ve been realizing lately, that prayer is a wonderful thing, but doesn’t always get the results I am looking for. Prayer changes ME!

    • Laura P.

      Well said Danielle! I think we can fall into the trap of thinking that prayer is for God or that we are doing it out of duty when really God gave us prayer for us! And how wonderful it is that He is there to hear us when we are unsure or doubtful of His promises!

  • Heather Hart

    I can so relate to this. I recently went through a major trial, and I doubted at times what good could come from it. But God was always faithful to remind me that He is trustworthy. Even when I don’t understand what He’s doing.

  • Julie

    I’ve struggled with some of the same things. And I still have an issue with trust. If I look back over my life it’s all about trust, you’d have thought I’d get it right by now 😉

  • Erin

    I never question whether He knows what He’s doing (for whatever reason) but I’ve often questioned if Hes paying attention to me. Even knowing He does. I still have to work on this.

  • Katie

    This could describe me too! I give Him control, surrender, gain peace, and then take it all back again, leading to doubt and fear. Ugh. I’m grateful for His patience with me and that He is so trustworthy, even when I lack faith or trust!