Maybe I am a little strange but I love washing my sheets.  Well, maybe that is an overstatement.  I do not really like doing laundry, but I love clean sheets.  I love the crisp feel of getting into a bed with freshly washed sheet.  My goal is to wash my sheets twice a week but I usually only get it done once every week to ten days.

The Simple Joy of Clean Sheets

Almost every time I wash sheets, as we are getting into bed, I announce to my husband that it is clean sheets night.  Even on our last vacation I admitted that while I hated staying in hotels, I love the clean sheets!  Hotel sheets are crisper than even my home laundered sheets.  I love that crisp feel.

That crisp, clean sheet feel only lasts a couple of days.  After that there is nothing special about them.  The clean, fresh feeling has worn off as we sleep on them and the grime and dead skin comes off our bodies and settles into our sheets.  It is gradual and I do not think about it until it is clean sheets night again.

The Spiritual Connection

Our Spiritual lives are much like this.  We go to Christian conferences, retreats, concerts, read an inspirational Christian book, or just go to a worship service on Sunday morning.  We feel rejuvenated; we recommit ourselves; we feel better about ourselves; “we feel clean.”

Being Rejuvenated

As the days pass, that “new”, “clean” feeling wears off.  We forget about what rejuvenated us, we fall into our old patterns.  I know that I have been to conferences that have really affected me.  I come up with all these ideas of how I am going to change and the things I am going to do.  After a few days, I get sidetracked and forget about my plans.  We let the world back in until we do something else that inspires us.

We do not always keep our focus.  We should start our day in the Word.  We should pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17).  Staying connected to our Father through out the day will keep us going in the right direction.  We should not wait until we feel like dirty sheets to go to God.  Stay connected with Him and every moment will be “clean sheets day”.

Is it just me or does anyone else like clean sheets night?

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