I have shared a few of my pastor’s messages recently.  For the last several weeks, they have really hit close to home and have been very convicting.  It really was making me uncomfortable.  As we visited with the pastor one Sunday, I told him that I was going to have to change churches.  Understandably, he was a little concerned.  I then told him that his sermons were convicting me and he needed to stop.  Thankfully, he understands my sarcasm and understood that was a compliment.  But, nonetheless, I have been convicted of so much recently.

So many “TV preachers” only preach inspirational messages.

They hardly ever open the Bible and quote Scripture.  They do not call sin, sin.  If they offend someone with their message, they would likely lose money, so they only preach “feel-good” sermons.  We need preachers who are not afraid to offend and who are not “politically correct.”  We need to be discerning of the “preachers” we watch or listen to.  If your preacher’s message on sin makes you uncomfortable, God is probably convicting you about something.  When a message challenges us, it is good, because we need to be convicted by God when we sin.  We need our preachers to preach the Word of God.  They should fear God and not man.

I am not saying that the preacher can not give an uplifting sermon.  We go to church to fellowship with other believers also.  I would not want go to a church that was all doom and gloom, either.  The purpose of going to church is not entertainment. Do not get me wrong; we have fun at our church, but we also have a preacher who preaches the Word of God.  We go to worship and learn.  If you are not getting this at your church, it may be time to prayerfully seek out a new church.

Are your pastor’s sermons convicting you?


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