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Spiritual Growth

Flash Flood of the Spirit

Flash Flood of the Spirit Like the rising flood waters of Noah’s time, water rises again and again as a prominent character in the epic biblical tale.  The Role of Water In the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters, the water teemed with living creatures, streams came and watered the ground and […]

A Race We Can Never Win

Comparing ourselves to someone else is a race we can never win. We will always lose – we lose relationships, we lose contentment, we lose the ability to see anything good in our lives, we lose spiritually, and we lose emotionally. How do we feel when someone else has an ability, a characteristic, or material […]

No Longer a Fly By Friend

Have you ever labeled yourself in such a way as to isolate your feelings? I did that when I labeled myself a “Fly By Friend,” but I have decided to call myself that no longer. What is a “Fly By Friend”? I dubbed myself this after realizing I had a tendency to gravitate to those […]

Letting Go of Guilt

Clinging to our past is drenching, isn’t it? It keeps us from experiencing the fullness of the present. Sometimes we just need to let go. Perhaps it’s pride from past successes, insecurities that we’ve allowed to define us, pain from hurtful experiences, or crippling guilt from our mistakes. Is there anything from your past that […]

Blonde Brunette Ambition

Ambition Even as a newborn, I knew I was destined to be a blonde. Yet somehow fate gave me a head full of bushy, dark hair. So, I spent the time in my crib rubbing my head against the mattress until all the brunette fell out. My hair grew back in golden blonde, my destiny. […]