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The PUED RULE–Learning to Put Down My Phone

I’ll admit that I’m on my phone a lot. Sitting in a waiting room? Hmm…I wonder what’s on Pinterest. Standing in line? That’s a great time for Facebook! Just sat down after getting dinner cleaned up? Let’s check e-mails! Those times don’t seem so bad, but sadly I am on my phone WAY more often […]

Comparison, You Sneaky Thief

  When you’re pregnant, you get so much advice from everybody. Advice on breastfeeding versus formula, which sling is best for baby-wearing, whether or not to use a pacifier, crying it out versus not crying it out…It’s endless, and honestly, even if you respect the person and desire to take in some of their wisdom, you’re […]

Happy Anniversary!

Marriage is a wonderful gift from God and so we want to celebrate McKenzie and her husband’s 9th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary! “Today is my 9th wedding anniversary!  This Bible page is for just that, July 20, 2006!  Our wedding was orange and purple and I wore a white dress with pearls in my ears! […]