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The Passover Points to Jesus

Looking forward to Passover each year makes me excited! Until a handful of years ago, Passover meant nothing to my husband and me. When a friend invited us to a Passover Seder, we were curious and a bit leery but decided to attend.  We wondered, “As Christians should we really be participating in this?”  At […]

The Obedience that Saved

When reading the scriptures detailing the death of Jesus Christ, believers often acknowledge that they sometimes can be difficult to get through. Yes, our souls celebrate the freedom resulting from that moment, but our hearts also mourn the harshness and pain of it, too.  Jen Wilkin has said, “The heart cannot love what the mind […]

The Hope in the Easter Story

The Easter Story is one of the grandest stories ever told. Jesus hung on a cross to die an agonizing death which he did not deserve. Three days after his burial the ground shook and his grave was left empty. Jesus Christ had risen from the dead! He came to his disciples over the course […]

The Real Love Game

What is love? In our house, we decided to turn learning about love into what I call “The Real Love Game.” So many movies, books, magazines, songs, and TV shows have attempted to answer this question. Although some of the answers (like Saturday Night Live’s skit versions) are obviously not the right answer, there are […]