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Celebrate a Festival that Jesus Celebrated this Christmas Season!

Celebrating a Festival Jesus Celebrated this Christmas Season Never in my wildest dreams did I think our family would celebrate Hanukkah!  Would you?  I grew up enjoying everything Christmas and never gave Hanukkah a second thought.  It was a Jewish holiday and so it didn’t fit, or so I thought! I’m actually really ashamed to admit […]

Black Friday: Life Changes

Black Friday: Life Changes For those that have been following my family’s Black Friday antics, Black Friday 2017 was quite different.  Thanksgiving Day just felt different.  (Little did we know at that time that our lives would change so much during the next year, but that is for another post.)  The morning started just a […]

All I Want for Christmas…A Christmas Wishlist

Christmas and Thanksgiving mark the beginning of a holiday season supposedly centered on selflessness, contentment, and service. However, this season often does not “feel” particularly happy or religious. In fact, with Black Friday hordes, Christmas to do lists, and advertisements of perfectly primped and styled families, it all feels very pressured, backwards, and stressful. I know […]