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Perfection (or Not)

Proverbs 31 scares me. The Virtuous Woman’s kitchen floor was always perfectly clean, no sticky messes for visitors’ sandals to stick to. She never ran by the bakery fifteen minutes before school for “homemade” cookies because her child forgot to tell her she was homeroom mother that week. And I assure you the Virtuous Woman […]

Black Friday Memories: It’s Not Just About the Shopping

Black Friday is for Making Memories Last year, I wrote about my family’s crazy Black Friday experience.  Believe it or not, it gets better every year.  We have some great times together and create some fun Black Friday memories! The last several years, my sister-in-law and I have insisted that we are not staying out […]

Deliciously “Healthier” Poppy Seed Chicken

  Prior to one of my bridal showers the hostess had asked my fiancé all of these questions about his preferences. Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter? What’s your favorite sport? Things like that. At the shower, she posed the questions to me in game show fashion. Every time I got a question wrong, […]