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Blonde Brunette Ambition

Ambition Even as a newborn, I knew I was destined to be a blonde. Yet somehow fate gave me a head full of bushy, dark hair. So, I spent the time in my crib rubbing my head against the mattress until all the brunette fell out. My hair grew back in golden blonde, my destiny. […]

Navigating Each Day with God

Vacation Prepwork We recently went on a long weekend with our children.  While the trip was nothing big, it was definitely interesting.  My story actually started two weeks before our trip. My husband and I both drive large, gas-guzzling vehicles because of our farm.  I decided we needed something smaller and more economical to drive.  […]

Black Friday…the Tradition Continues

Our annual Black Friday shopping has added a new chapter.  I will say that Black Friday 2016 was the most unforgettable yet!  In the past, we have talked to Siri, listened to and sang “Dumb Ways to Die,” told stupid jokes, and have done some crazy things.  Black Friday 2016 definitely tops it all! The […]

Driving Backwards Down the Parade of Life 

My best friend and I love touring houses the way some people love watching football games. It’s an addiction. When we wander through an especially gorgeous house decorated in the style of a bygone era –touchdown! Of the many tours we’ve taken over the years, one foray stands out: the time we inadvertently joined a parade. In the days before smart phones and GPS systems, my friend and I relied on memory, fuzzy at […]

Football & Moses have a lot in Common

Football season has kicked off and every week millions of people cheer on their favorite team.  Now, every time I watch a football game, I can’t help but think how much football & Moses have in common.  Yes, Moses…the one in the Bible!  I know, you probably think I’m crazy.  Don’t worry.  My husband gave me an […]