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Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith {Giveaway!} – Part 1

Last year, a friend introduced my family to the award-winng Torchlighters series and ever since then my family has been absolutely hooked!  This animated, biographical series highlights Christians a.k.a. Heroes of the Faith, who have stood up for their faith, have been tested, and have remained faithful! And now I want to introduce it to you and […]


I have lived long enough to see many tragedies…the Oklahoma City bombing, September 11, numerous school shootings, plane crashes, earthquakes, the Moore tornadoes.  Life seemed to stand still as we were all gripped by these tragic events as they were reported on television nonstop.  I had a family member who lost everything in the last Moore […]


In the past six months, I nearly lost two very important people.  Why did God spare them and not others? First, my son was involved in an auto accident.  He was driving down the highway at night doing 60 mph when he hit three pregnant black Angus heifers.  He called us to come get him and said, […]

The Next Step

  It’s that time of year! If you have kids who are school age you are taking them to school, meeting the teacher, dropping off school supplies, and–if you are an emotional nutcase like me–you are keeping a strong front to hide that you are about to burst into tears. My son started kindergarten, and up until […]