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Lettered Light Giveaway

Bible Journaling is interacting with God’s word in illustrated form and is such a creative way to put God’s word into our hearts! McKenzie’s was inspired to delve into Bible Journaling and the results are so amazing!  I mean just look at them!   How It All Began Her creativity has inspired many to try Bible […]

The Next Step

  It’s that time of year! If you have kids who are school age you are taking them to school, meeting the teacher, dropping off school supplies, and–if you are an emotional nutcase like me–you are keeping a strong front to hide that you are about to burst into tears. My son started kindergarten, and up until […]

Women of Faith: An Inspiring and Uplifting Event

Last weekend, I had the complete joy of attending Women of Faith in Oklahoma City.  I had never attended an event like this before, so I wasn’t completely sure what the weekend would hold for me.  I figured the event would be full of great speakers, and I assumed I would walk away learning something here […]