An activity that we recently did has stirred up a lot of excitement in our house. Our kids are now enthusiastically thinking of new things they can talk to God about.

So what activity has caused this excitement?  It’s Family Time Training’s free activity of the month called the Prayer Wall. It digs in to how Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith and our prayer life. It’s fun to hear what kids guess what they think a cornerstone is and how that applies to Jesus and our faith.  Then when they begin to understand that without Jesus we have no hope of a connection to God, they see how he is the cornerstone of our faith.  Not only does it discuss this concept but it brings in a hands-on activity that is acting as a daily reminder to us how he is our cornerstone.

It’s Time to Build a Prayer Wall

Mom, are we really going to build a wall?


Our kiddos adding what they would like to pray for to our prayer wall.

So no, we are not building an actual wall but using note cards to build a prayer wall on our already existing wall.  For those who want to wear their hard hats for this process feel free, but I promise there will be no plaster or actual bricks needed.  Just grab your note cards, markers, or magazines to cut up and let the ideas roll.  We are even planning on printing out pictures of people we are praying for so as we walk by and see who needs a prayer, we can do it then and not have to wait for our formal prayer time.  Teaching our kids that prayer doesn’t have to be rigid and can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere is teaching them that they are always important to God, no matter what is going on in their lives.  He loves them and wants a relationship with them always.

Prayer is the link that connects us with God.
– A.B. Simpson

It’s Time to Praise God for Everything

So what can we pray about?  That’s the great thing, we are told to pray about everything!

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying.
Ephesians 6:18

Family Time Training has a great list in their activity that will get your kids started thinking about all the things they can pray for and then they will continue to brainstorm and grow their own list.  I’ve decided to keep a little basket of the note cards easily accessible so as they think of things to pray for they can either write them down or draw them and add to the wall quickly.

After hanging their first cards on the wall, my kids wanted to know what will happen when we fill up the wall.  They came up with some great solutions:

  • We can take the answered prayers down and keep them in a treasure box.
  • We can leave them up and start on a new wall…maybe the ceiling!
  • When we move, we have to take all the cards with us.

This activity has totally got them excited about connecting with God and I am loving it.  Like most families, we pray when we eat and when we go to bed and when random things happen throughout the day, but providing a way for our children to physically see what we are praying is a new experience for them and it gets them thinking about all the things they can pray about.

An extra little step…

Because my kids were so excited about the prayer wall, I decided to dedicate this wall in our house as the permanent prayer wall. We moved over our prayer painting that we had previously made to add a little extra color to the wall, while we wait for our prayers to fill it up.  This wall is in the hub of our house.  It’s small in the living room with entrances to both the kitchen and the hallway.  It’s a wall we won’t be able to miss!

Creating this painting was simple.  I simply printed out the word prayer in large font and glued the letters to a blank canvas.  I let each child choose their favorite color and then painted their hands that color. Then they took turns, placing their hands all over the canvas.


This wall has been dedicated as the place to stick our prayers to God.  With a reminder that Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith!

Get great activities like this one free every month from Family Time Training.  This Prayer Wall activity is only available through October 2016, so get it now, even if you can’t do it until later. 

What are some of the things your kids pray for?

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