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I always, ALWAYS get nervous when I am about to do a Bible journaling class/workshop or lesson of any sort.  It doesn’t matter if it is for friends that I have known for years or a small group of five new friends.  But this full workshop of 25 beautiful ladies brought my nerves of public speaking to a whole new level. Friends, I am not a public speaker!  I’m just a gal who likes to paint in her Bible.  Well, I guess that is all the Lord needs sometimes…His word and a scared momma!

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The morning was amazing.  I definitely felt the Lord speaking through me and it was exciting to see so many people experience His word in a new way.  My emphasis is always on the meditation process on the scripture.  I think that is pretty new for people.  It was and still is for me.  The pretty page at the end is just a bonus, you know what I mean? Spending so much time thinking and contemplating just one verse has brought me peace and stability.  I think about my page when I am done, I think about the next verse I feel the Lord leading me to, I think about how I may illustrate that one, I think about how the same words I have read for years may be speaking to me in a new way…The Living Word!

The Giveaways!

We had some great giveaways thanks to some very generous donors:

  • Oklahoma City Lifeway Christian Store donated a beautiful Journaling Bible. They also gave $10 off coupons to all who attended.
  • Ashlie’s Special Customers donated a super cute item from Thirty-One Gifts.
  • An anonymous donor donated a $15 gift card to purchase Bible Journaling supplies.
  • Creating a Great Day donated a fun stamper to date all the Bible Journaling pages.

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A HUGE thank you to all who made this possible.  Many were involved from shopping to helping set up the audio visual to donating the space where we had the workshop.

(This is Kristi writing this part – another HUGE “Thank You!” to McKenzie for putting on this workshop.  It was so well done and we all learned so much.  Thanks for combining your talent with faith and sharing it with others!)

Here are some pictures and words from a few friends who were at the workshop. Enjoy!

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“I absolutely loved the Bible journaling workshop!  It had been a busy week and it was a wonderful way to relax and meditate on God’s word!  It’s new to me, but I look forward to making time to sit down, focus, and study on a verse and then journal it!  McKenzie is a wonderful Christian inspiration to so many women and especially now that she is encouraging us to really study God’s word in a new way by Bible journaling!  Loved her workshop and the Bible journaling idea she taught us all!” -Terra

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“My most pleasant surprise was how the doodling, “sketching it out” time truly evolved into a picture of what I believe God would emphasize from the text for me personally at that time.  I started out with an attitude of ‘oh well, we’ll see how this goes’ and ended up encountering God’s heart the deeper I went in the exercise.” -Angela

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“Being in McKenzie’s Bible journaling class taught me another avenue to write the Word on my heart!  Focusing on scripture, feeling it, and highlighting it was powerful to me!  I love the depth of the class.  McKenzie has a gift that she chooses to give to God!” -Leslie

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I pray that if you feel pulled to this type of worship that you will lean into what God is trying to show you.  God is the creator, and therefore He is creative!  We are made in His image and so we too are creative!

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