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Tracy Watts

Wife, mom, daughter, teacher, blogger, crafter, organizer - but most and best of all, I am a Christian. I am passionate about my family and my God. I am married to my best friend and am blessed with a one year old son who keeps me busy all the time staying at home with him. And I am glad to be in the service of our incredible and awesome God.

Rekindle the Flame {Testimony Tuesday}

Inspired by How Others Came to Christ One of my favorite things to do is listen to how people came to know God. Call it what you will–testimonies, witness–they each tell the most important story of their entire lives. The story of how they came to know the Almighty. And listening is so inspiring–especially to […]

The Other Side of Christmas

I love Christmas. The tingle and bite of winter air, the rosiness that rises to your cheeks when you’re outside thrills me. I love the music, the twinkle lights, the house lights. I love that people who often don’t think of Christ have their minds bent on goodwill and giving. And yet, for some–for many more […]

Welcome Tracy to the CAGD Team

Creating a Great Day is excited to announce a new contributor to the team! Tracy Watts is a stay-at-home mom to an active toddler and has been married for six years. She enjoys working with her husband in ministry as he preaches for a congregation in Oklahoma. Read on to learn more about Tracy and […]