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Jessica D

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, where I reside with my amazing husband, two spunky kids and our two rambunctious dogs. I am a part time occupational therapist and a full time wife and mommy. I love anything and everything outdoors and love my coffee! I enjoy decorating my home through pinterest and am learning to sew.

Stopping to Smell the Roses

It was a work day for me, and of course, we were running late. My daughter Addison woke up grumpy and didn’t want to put her shoes on. Chase, my son, was wandering around the house, finding every little piece of anything that he could put into his mouth. I was trying to prepare lunches, pack […]

Mommy Cliques

Being a mother of two young children, I am realizing there are so many approaches and styles to parenting. I have an undergraduate degree in Child Development and work in the pediatric field. I, of course felt I had a good grasp on all the ins and outs of raising a child based on the […]