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Britnie S

Hello! I grew up in sunny Southern California and made my way out to Oklahoma where I attended college. I met my amazing husband there, and the rest is history! We have 3 spirited kiddos, 2 fluffy poodles, and we worship 1 amazing God! We are a homeschooling family and we currently are living the small town life in Newcastle, Oklahoma. I love crafting, writing, and decorating on a dime!

A Leaf And A Rock: Celebrating Children’s Little Treasures

My children spend hours playing and exploring our backyard.  They frequently are covered from head-to-toe in mud from making “delicious” mud pies and from digging up muddy treasures. The other day my daughter ran inside with a huge, proud smile plastered across her face and said, “Mama! Look at this beautiful leaf and this shiny […]

Women of Faith: An Inspiring and Uplifting Event

Last weekend, I had the complete joy of attending Women of Faith in Oklahoma City.  I had never attended an event like this before, so I wasn’t completely sure what the weekend would hold for me.  I figured the event would be full of great speakers, and I assumed I would walk away learning something here […]