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Ali R

Hey! While most of my life was spent in Colorado, I am happy to now call Oklahoma my home. I am amazingly blessed to have a supportive and God-fearing husband who is also a terrific dad to our four kiddos (who we had in a 3 year 9 month time frame). I love to drink coffee, sing, hear people’s stories and have dance parties. I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus and desire to share that gift with every person that I meet. My hope is that I can encourage someone today with and through the Word of God and His steadfast love. ::psalm 27:4::

MLK: Leaving a Mark

A Reason to Honor MLK With strong faith, leadership skills, and an unprecedented power of speech, he became one of the most influential individuals in the history of this country. As a leader of the Civil Rights Movement and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, it comes to no surprise that every third Monday in January […]

Enduring the Waves

When I was about seven years old, I almost died. My brother and I had gone to California one summer to spend some time with our cousins and do all the fun things like camping, catching lizards, going to Sea World, and of course, the beach! I loved the ocean and to swim, so naturally […]