My son was such a cutie!

My son was such a cutie!

As I watch you sleep, I think back over the years.  You are our firstborn.  We waited for years and struggled to have you.  Son, you are our miracle.  You turned our world upside down.  You grew from a tiny baby to a teenager and now to a man.  Now, you are preparing to leave for college.

My heart is heavy as you make this transition.  I worry if we have prepared you for college, not just academically, but socially, financially, and spiritually.  First children are hard.  We had no experience.   There is no handbook.  We made mistakes.  I hope you forgive us for them.

You have always been my backwards child, walking before you could crawl.  When you were older, you basically taught yourself to read.  You bought your first car before you had a job or a license (which you did not want to get).

Son, you were also my strong-willed child.  You never wanted help with anything; you could always do everything by yourself and in your own way.  We clashed many times over this, from feeding yourself as a baby, to learning to drive, to taking college entrance exams.  I still do not understand how you learned to parallel park by reading the book.

You have learned so much and have taught us so much.  I know we were not perfect parents but there is no such parent on this earth.  Only God is the perfect parent.  We did what we thought was in your best interest at the time.  You have taught us patience and shown us unconditional love.  You are honest, faithful, caring, and giving.

Your work ethic is strong.  From a young age, you have worked, starting with mowing lawns to helping on our farm to getting a job.  Not only have you saved your money to buy your car and help with college, you have also worked hard to earn scholarships for college. Your love for reading and learning has paid off.  I knew when you could answer Jeopardy questions at seven years old I was going to be in trouble.

You truly love God and you turn to Him in times of trials and tribulations.  This was evident in the last year.  I have seen you spending time reading your Bible after some very trying times.  This gave me hope that we did something right.  We have been through so much recently and you have remained calm on the outside when I know you were worried and scared on the inside.  I know you have prayed about college and believe you are doing what God has led you to do.

All grown up!

All grown up!

Your dad and I are so proud of the man you are becoming.  In just days, you will be off to college and will be eighteen years old.  For all intents and purposes, you will be an adult. But remember, you will always be our son.  We are so proud of you and we love you more than you know.

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