This is a post for fellow Moms of Multiples, a.k.a “MoM”s, and especially the mothers expecting multiples. It’s kind of like when people say that mom upside down is “wow.” So a mom of multiples must be  “WoW!”

My husband didn’t get my joke. I hope you all do and if not, well, I was a poli-sci major.  We’re not really known for our jokes unless you’re Kenneth Walzer…oh wait, still no jokes.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about having multiples.

I saw a Hunger Games meme  where the main character raises her left hand high with the three-finger salute of admiration and the caption reads, “When I’m out and see another twin mom.”  All I could think was, “Just. Yes.”

When I was pregnant with my twin boys, I read everything I could about being a twin mom. It was worse than the insatiable need for information I had with my first pregnancy. (I read when I’m nervous. Everything. It’s really counterproductive.)

Nonetheless, the unknown was overwhelming to me and I was basically terrified, but in the best way possible.  I found a lot of lists that were supposed to be funny, I think. However, they were more scary than helpful.  So, in an effort to add to the information about what to expect when you are a Mom of Multiples, I would like to share the 5 best things I experienced in the first year of having twins. Yes, you do survive the first year and it is a wonderful year!

5 Best Things I experienced in the First Year of Having Twins

  1. My heart has never been so full.5 Best Things About Having Multiples

I love my daughter more than words can express but I never expected how quickly my heart could expand to be so full of love for both these little boys. I know you love each kid that comes along but having two more at once was just an overwhelming fullness. It is amazing. They are amazing.

  1. They make me a better person.

Kids require selflessness. In some ways, especially as newborns, twins require an extra measure of sacrifice (mostly sleep). These little guys also force me to be more engaged and organized than I was with my first. This is also likely true with adding just one extra kid. My daughter was a relatively easy addition to our lives, although we didn’t necessarily think that at the time, but these guys took it to a new level. The challenge has required much and I know I have grown in many ways from the “fire” of multiples.

  1. I meet new people all the time.

I once read something regarding twins that said “Everyone has a twin story and none of them are interesting.” That made me laugh, but it’s a terrible way to think about the fact that dozens of people will stop you wherever you go to talk about your precious kids. They give you opportunities to meet people you never thought you would and you will have countless opportunities to tell your story. It’s a unique dynamic and I have learned to love it. Well, most days. Ha!

  1. I get to watch an incredible and special bond grow.

Twins are amazing. The bond they develop in utero and as they grow up is simply incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my boys interact with each other so young. The love they share is precious and unique and I’m blessed to be their mom.

  1. I get to dress them up in matching outfits.

Let’s face it, as ridiculous as it might seem, it is so much fun to dress them up in coordinating outfits. It’s just darn adorable.

For moms out there who have multiples or are expecting some soon, just know that God prepares and equips us for what He has called us to and He is faithful. You have an incredible blessing.

What are you most looking forward to being a M.O.M?

What have you most enjoyed during your first year of having multiples?

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